Creative Sales Culture
Our goal is to empower your team with tools to engage customers and inspire employees so that you can expect great results!

About Us

PM Group, Inc. was founded in 2004, where the company began its quest of providing marketing and print management services. In 2009, it added digital services, advertising and strategic advisory services that proved to be beneficial for its clients. Today, PM Group, Inc. is an innovative consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations engage more customers, inspire employees, accelerate growth and become more profitable.

“We understand that the only thing that is constant is change. Sustainable change just doesn’t happen; it requires a dedicated partner to help create measurable, long-lasting results that improve performance. As an innovator and partner, our goal is to help our clients exercise strategies to achieve growth and success for today and the tomorrows to come.” Juan Peasant, President, PM Group, Inc.



PM Group will help you stand out with dynamic creativity using the most innovative tools available.

Our strategy is to identify your specific needs and customize a plan to successfully reach your audience in an effective way through Advertising and/or Marketing tools.


PM Group will help you accelerate growth and increase revenue by elevating the standards and professionalism of your sales force.

  • We will Recruit – the best sales talent that is most suitable for your business
  • We will Train – your current sales team to elevate their efforts to grow sales revenue
  • We will Represent – qualified companies who have niche products and service offerings to help to grow sales


PM Group will help you create a culture of employee engagement by providing training and customized tools that will inspire and motivate employees in a new and effective way.

In order to have an impact on productivity & customer service, we will help create a culture that embodies (1) what it looks like, (2) what it sounds like, and (3) what it feels like…to be great.

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